Saturday, February 14, 2009

OK, OK I know I am so far behind! Part 1

Here are some photos that I have taken the past two weeks. I'll admit that I have not taken out my camera every single day. But I am hoping for quality to win over quantity here! (I hope!!)

Again, I am playing around with perspective for fun.
I was trying to play with depth of field in the next two shots. I am disappointed because the photos are not as sharp as I would have hoped. It was sooooooo windy that there was no way to get shots when the flowers were not being blown around!

This was my son doing his "silly dance!"

These were taken at a local park. There is a little lake and parts of it are frozen over.
These are shots I tried to take of unusual things to play a little with exposure and framing.


  1. I love the duck/goose one and the waterspout one. They really capture my imagination!

  2. nice pics! The first 2 are my fav. - You're really doing great w/ your new knowledge. I also love B's happy dance - he's such a cutie! I've been playing catch-up on my blog, too. :)